With such robust societal scrutiny today, it’s easy to allow ourselves to question whether our outer appearance measures up to the level of those around us. The ability to let go of the need to fit an idealized image by accepting our own insecurities and flaws can be very difficult to achieve especially with the constant use of social media. Regardless of positive affirmations that we may receive from those close to us, nothing is more refreshing to hear motivational facial paralysis stories to give us that reminder that we’re not alone on this journey.

For the third feature on BWP Community, I have the pleasure to share with you all, McKell Wilson. I genuinely know that her story and encouraging words will touch many women who may be struggling with Bell’s Palsy today.

After being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy in September of 2016 while 9 months pregnant with her first child, McKell has learned so much from having Bell’s Palsy. Despite this challenging journey she has endured, McKell wouldn’t trade these valuable lessons for anything.

“I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned through this entire journey is that I am worth so much more than my smile. I’ve also learned that people don’t value you for what you look like – they value you for who you truly are. It’s so important to develop a loving relationship with yourself. I’ve learned that self-love truly is the foundation for a fulfilled life and that it IS attainable even for those who have facial paralysis – even when it feels impossible.”

McKell says that although the first year of having facial paralysis was challenging filled with fear and guilt, she was slowly able to recognize her self worth again. 

In regards to her facial paralysis insecurities, McKell practiced implementing self-affirmations in her daily life saying words like, “I’m beautiful, I’m worthy and I’m enough.” Initially saying these words were very uncomfortable for her, yet with time and practice, these encouraging words carried her through moments of insecurity. In regards to her facial paralysis insecurities, McKell states that those negative feelings have decreased with time due to implementing these self-affirmations in her daily life. “Just as our negative thoughts can become a pattern, we can also flip the switch and make positive thoughts our new pattern in life.”

Today, as a life coach, podcaster and blogger, McKell continues to share with her readers’ incredible personal stories and relatable advice on her website, UNTO JOY.

In her blog post, How I Got My Smile Back, she discusses how Bell’s Palsy was a blessing in disguise. And as she has moved past this trial in her life, McKell expresses that her life is so much more fulfilling in this personal post.

“My life is more full. And I have gained such a deeper perspective about the reality that we are so much more than what we look like. That people don’t love us for how we look, that they see beyond the crooked smile, the messy hair and the tired eyes. They see us for who we are and for who we can become. They see us as our potential and our struggles. Our strengths and weaknesses. Our talents and gifts. Our sense of humor, our wit. Our love for others and love for this world.”

Moreover, McKell shares that the beauty trick that helped give her a huge confidence boost was getting her eyebrows microbladed to help create more symmetry. Although McKell was leary about microblading initially, she says it was 100% worth it. “With one side of my face still partially paralyzed, my eyebrows were visibility uneven, so getting microbladed really helped.” McKell shares more of her microblading experience on her site.

Overcoming insecurity and liking yourself again requires patience and practice, but it can be done. Being a happy and secure person is a lifestyle choice. McKell’s journey is a perfect example that it is possible to not allow yourself the indulgence of dwelling on your insecurities. So what’s the best advice she wants you to remember as you walk away from this article?

Sweet girl, you are worth so much more than your smile! This trial doesn’t have to define you, and doesn’t have to hold you back from living a joyful life. You are beautiful and you are 100% enough – exactly as you are.” ? 

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