The Fitness Angel

When we face adversity in life, it’s how we react to it that determines our true character. These difficult hardships aren’t what define us, but the way in which we react to them is what reveals our true character. For the first feature on BWP Community, I have the honor of sharing an inspirational story … Continue Reading

The Benefit of CC Concealer

Your average concealer and foundation can go a long way in helping to minimize any beauty dilemma. And to be honest, I typically reach for my basic concealer/foundation to do the trick on a daily basis. But lately, I’ve been trying out new methods in including color correcting concealer! I’ve found that CC creams can go the … Continue Reading

Why You Should Invest in Anti-Aging Face Masks

I will admit it: I’m in my 20s, yet I’ve already started using preventative skincare products, especially anti-aging face masks. After creating this blog, my passion for understanding the relationship amongst skincare and facial paralysis has grown drastically over the last six months. In fact, this fall, I’m planning on starting school to receive my … Continue Reading

An Essential Beauty Tool: Makeup Sponges

You can purchase the best liquid makeup on the market, but if you don’t apply it correctly, then you’re technically throwing away money. Long story short: Don’t underestimate these flimsy colorful little sponges. They are actually an essential beauty tool! And once you learn to apply your makeup correctly using them, your entire makeup application process … Continue Reading

A New Beauty Breakthrough of Fake Lashes

If lash extensions aren’t a solution for you because of the glue, there is a new futuristic, effortless creation for you! Thankfully, technology has finally caught up with our cosmetic needs, especially for those of us who suffer from facial paralysis. How? By inventing this beauty breakthrough of lash extensions that you apply without using … Continue Reading

Beauty Unbroken By Hayden Caves

You’ve probably all heard the phrase about a chapter closing in life. It’s a beautiful and quick way to allegorically exemplify what it feels like when we proceed onward from a particular time in our lives. The process of moving on can happen deliberately or accidentally, and it can make us feel a wide range … Continue Reading