Lets first start out with the unfamiliar term presented in the title…Synkinesis means the development of linked or unwanted facial movements. It is common and occurs in the majority of individuals who are recovering from prolonged facial palsy. Are you one of these lucky people like I am?

Synkinesis “simultaneous movement” occurs after Bell’s palsy OR instances like my own, where the facial nerve has been cut and sewn back together. Unfortunately, during this type of medical procedure, the facial nerve fibers can potentially reconnect to the wrong nerve group, resulting in linked or unwanted facial movements. I know, sounds pretty exciting.

Thankfully, there are medical procedures that help with this unwanted facial movement today. There are ALSO makeup tricks that can contribute to creating an illusion of your synkinesis.

The biggest issue I have had with synkinesis was the dryness, unevenness, and closing of my left eye while trying to smile. Although makeup did not magically help my synkinesis completely disappear, certain products definitely helped my left eye appear more open and balanced with my right.

Below, Shop The Products section of this post has the illuminating eye brighteners that I have had success with. What I like to do is apply this type of product after I have finished my makeup evenly on both sides. I then subtlety apply the illuminator only around the affected eye to help it appear more open. In the photo below, as you can see, my make up is fully complete and I am showing you the areas of where I have applied Benefit Cosmetics Ooh La Lift on my the left eye (synkinesis side) as well as an after shot. (Sorry for the glare on the first photo, it is the extra light from my LuMee case).

I know that this is a very simple technique but even the most basic beauty tricks can make all of the difference in how you look and feel. Stay tuned for the more advanced ๐Ÿ™‚ XO

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you’re pretty ๐Ÿ™‚


Are eye lash lifts ( cosmetic ones) and eye lash tinting ok for FP? ( complete severed nerve)
I donโ€™t usually wear makeup but thinking that my facial paralysis appearance may benefit!! Excited to have found this!!


Hey Yolanda! Great question! When I was in school getting my master esthetics license, we were trained in lash lifts! I was obsessed with it! Because the students that I was getting trained with understood my condition, it really helped ease my anxiety while some practiced on me. Lash lifts can be extremely beneficial for those who have FP! Most importantly, you need to be your biggest advocate if you decide to get it done โ€” which means bringing surgical tape with you to your appointment and telling your technician about your condition. Bringing tape is key especially if you lack eye closure. It will not only help you protect your eye from any irritation but it will also help the overall quality of the lash lift application. I typically have the tech put the tape across my eye horizontally to ensure my eye closure in order to protect my eye and to provide my tech with the assurance that I am comfortable with the treatment so they can do the best job possible ๐Ÿ™‚

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