Dry Eye Advice

Do you experience dry eye problems due to facial paralysis? Because at least for me, it has been a constant struggle for years. It’s important to discuss this particular dry eye condition that occurs from facial paralysis since it’s such a common condition! So let’s talk about ways to help alleviate the discomfort due to … Continue Reading

Options For Improving Eyebrow Asymmetry

It’s time to finally address an important topic that has been requested by several readers: Eyebrows. Specifically, the asymmetric problem that seems to be a common occurrence among us ladies with facial paralysis. Because eyebrows frame and shape the overall appearance of one’s face, this asymmetry problem can be incredibly frustrating. Trust me, I get … Continue Reading

Beauty Unbroken By Hayden Caves

You’ve probably all heard the phrase about a chapter closing in life. It’s a beautiful and quick way to allegorically exemplify what it feels like when we proceed onward from a particular time in our lives. The process of moving on can happen deliberately or accidentally, and it can make us feel a wide range … Continue Reading

Self-Love Advice: The Stairway Towards Reality

Let me start out by pointing out the obvious: the complete inaccurate depiction of the meaning of the word “reality” that social media seems to provide us with on a daily basis. I mean, come on, we KNOW that reality is not all hearts and flowers with #nofilter. So IF we are aware of this, why do we … Continue Reading

Conquering Facial Paralysis Anxiety

If you have been diagnosed with a form of facial paralysis, this title may ring true to you…. You enter the public for the first time and want to conceal every part of that side of your face. Between the slurred speech, drooling, dropping of the mouth and decreased tearing…You feel as if you were … Continue Reading

Let’s Talk About Lips

Let me first discuss lip plumping products… When it comes to lip plumping products, I have tried everything. Or at least, all of the promising plumping lip products I could get my hands on. From the gloss that tingles to the overnight cream or to the natural bizarre home remedies…I’ve dabbled in it all. After trying almost … Continue Reading