You can purchase the best liquid makeup on the market, but if you don’t apply it correctly, then you’re technically throwing away money. Long story short: Don’t underestimate these flimsy colorful little sponges. They are actually an essential beauty tool! And once you learn to apply your makeup correctly using them, your entire makeup application process will change for life.

The whole point of wearing face makeup is to create a more naturally flawless look, and thankfully makeup sponges allow us to achieve this particular result. What I love about using this e today is that they come in all shapes and sizes, enabling you to use them on all areas of your face. I use the larger, circular sponges for foundation application and the smaller ones for around my eyes. It’s already stressful enough trying to apply makeup when you have facial paralysis. However, makeup sponges make this process much more relaxing and enjoyable.

When using makeup sponges:

  • Make sure to wet the sponge before the application process. Why? Water helps smooth out the application and causes the sponge to swell. (It’s a must to squeeze out any excess water)  But by dampening your sponge, it ensures your makeup won’t absorb itself into the sponge which thankfully creates less of a makeup waste!
  • When you are applying your foundation, don’t place it directly on the sponge. Instead, place it on the back of your hand and then from there, dab the sponge on top. This creates a more even layer of coverage over your face because your applying an even amount on your entire face instead of accidentally dabbing large quantities in some areas.

Other tricks include…

  • Always have a cup of water near you. Maintaining a moist sponge is important to achieve the best result possible.
  • The trick when using a sponge is to press it on your face rather than in a sweeping motion. The dabbing movement mimics the surface of your surface skin! Please don’t vigorously sweep your foundation across your face.
  • You should clean your sponge after every use with warm water and soap! These bad boys can soak up a lot of product so keep em clean to prevent breakouts!

If you decide to purchase a Beautyblender and take proper care of it, this sponge can last up to three months! I also enjoy buying makeup sponges at the drug store. Although they are a one-time application, they come in packets of around 30, and I like that they are pointy on the edges which allow me to get corners of my eyes. This is great if you have eye problems from FP because you can reach areas that you may have difficulty reaching due to synkinesis!

The verdict of this post is that you should get on this makeup sponge wagon! I can’t stress enough how the plush material helps eliminate streakiness and works in magical ways that brushes can’t. If you explore this option, play around with different shapes and sizes! Through this exploration, keep in mind that you don’t need to purchase the most expensive sponge or the top brand to achieve an excellent result. Xo

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Hi, Cars’ – Love your advice about makeup sponges. Am going to purchase some right away. Love you! G. Karen

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