Do you experience dry eye problems due to facial paralysis? Because at least for me, it has been a constant struggle for years. It’s important to discuss this particular dry eye condition that occurs from facial paralysis since it’s such a common condition! So let’s talk about ways to help alleviate the discomfort due to this eye condition while also sharing some makeup tips as well!

Like I’ve said a million times, I’m no doctor! However, from my very own experience dealing with this dry eye condition and from what I’ve been told by highly certified doctors about this eye condition, please consider this advice. If your eye is left untreated, it can lead to eye inflammation, abrasion of the corneal surface, a corneal ulcer or vision problems. Let’s not let these problems arise by protecting our eyes the best we can 🙂

Dry eye advice to consider:

You should see a well qualified eye care doctor 

In fact, this advice should be a #1 priority. This doesn’t mean taking a trip to your facial plastic surgeon, dermatologist OR going to LensCrafters to check your eyes… I’m referring to making a trip to a well-qualified eye doctor (Ophthalmologist or Optometrist), who can detect any eye abnormalities by performing an in-depth eye exam. In fact, due to how dry my left eye was last summer, my eye doctor placed a punctual plugin which temporarily closes the small duct where tears drain from the eye. This has made a considerable difference in keeping my eye lubricated!

• Wear sunnies every time your outside

When one has facial paralysis and the inability to fully blink one of their eyes, this makes it even more difficult to protect from sun exposure. Not trying to get all scientific or scare anyone reading this post, but sun exposure without sunglasses can lead to a whole range of problems including retinal damage. No thanks. I’d much rather rock a cute pair of sunglasses!

• Lubricants or eye drops is a must

Under lubricated eyes are more susceptible to scratches and/or infections. If you’re feeling more discomfort throughout the day, hydrating eye drops rather than a lubricant is a great recommendation. Due to eye lubricants thickness, they tend to make one’s vision blurred, so it’s a great option for at night.

When it comes to applying makeup…

Use your eye drops strategically

Insert eye drops around 30 minutes before applying makeup. Giving your eyes the time to subtle after hydrating it with drops is essential! Applying drops moments before applying makeup may cause more irritation as your eyes are more sensitive right after eyedrops application.

Opt for creams over powders

Cream eyeshadows are the best form of eyeshadow for anyone dealing with lack of eye closure (in my opinion). The powder travels easily among the eyelid and can easily irritate the eyes. Cream-based eye makeup has become my ride or die! IF I want to use a powder based eyeshadow, I always place a primer on my lids before the powder. Using a primer before the powder can help prevent the powder from moving around.

Apply outside the lash line

Always avoid applying your eye makeup on the waterline. If you do use eye makeup on these water lines, it blocks the glands of your eyes that secrete natural oils that keep your eyes lubricated.

Invest in an eyelash curler

Because mascara is worn so close to the eyes, it can flake off easily and can be very irritating, so my best piece of advice is to use an eyelash curler before your mascara application. Not only will using a curler help instantly open your eyes (great for those struggling with synkinesis) but it also instantly lifts your lashes up and away from your eyes.

I hope this dry eye advice helps you!

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Hi everybody and ThankYou Carson for your great job!
I was wondering if you have some good advice on how to remove makeup…



This is a great question. What specifics are wanting to know in regards to removing makeup with facial paralysis? Are you having trouble removing eye makeup? Let me know XO


whoah this blog is excellent i love reading your articles. Stay up the great posts! You know, many individuals are searching around for this info, you could help them greatly.


Sorry Carson for my delay…very sorry <3
I am Physical Therapist working in Italy with FP and I would like to offer a good tecniche to those patients who avoid to make up themselves just because they are struggled removing it (i.e. getting worse with their sore eyes).

thanks in advance 😉

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