Your average concealer and foundation can go a long way in helping to minimize any beauty dilemma. And to be honest, I typically reach for my basic concealer/foundation to do the trick on a daily basis. But lately, I’ve been trying out new methods in including color correcting concealer! I’ve found that CC creams can go the extra mile by eliminating redness, dullness, and sallowness. 

What I’ve also found to be incredible in testing out this color wheel is that it can also help minimize the appearance of my facial paralysis. If you have to dimple on your chin due to synkinesis or other areas that you want to reduce the look of, you should test out particular colors also!

Okay, so what color correctors do what?

  • Green neutralizes redness
  • Yellow hides purple or blue corrects mild redness
  • Purple eliminates unwanted yellow undertones on light to medium skin
  • Pink masks signs of fatigue brightens dullness on light skin
  • Orange helps hide deep discoloration, cancels dark spots on medium/dark skin
  • Blue neutralizes sallowness on fair skin

Great! But which color correctors benefit my facial paralysis concerns?

Well, for starters, It depends on your skin tone. So as accurate as I would like to get in this post, it truly is a makeup trick you must test out on your own!

BUT using the correct colors that work with your skin tone can help conceal certain areas of your facial paralysis for sure!

If you struggle with eye synkinesis, brightening that area can help “open” up that eye. Or if you want to minimize the look of the dimples in your chin that are a result of the synkinesis, this is possible too! For instance, I have a light skin tone, so I would apply pink cc cream to those areas to help reduce the look of those unwanted shadows!

It’s crazy what makeup can do, and although this trick doesn’t magically create a complete disappearance of the FP symptoms you may try to mask, it definitely helps! XO

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