I’m Carson Barenborg, Founder, and Editor-in-Chief of Beauty With Paralysis – which is expertly curated and intends to instruct and motivate – established in 2014 in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University in 2017, I moved back to Seattle, Washington and realized that I needed to pursue my true passion of studying skincare. I’m currently completing my master’s esthetician course which has been a long nine-month journey yet very rewarding. The in-depth study of skincare over this period time has allowed me to understand the physiology of skin while also allowing me to have hands-on practice on patients. This experience has given me not only the knowledge but also authentic confidence in sharing advice I give on this site.

 BWP is a place where I cover everything from makeup contouring to facial symmetry tips with amazing products to medical advice from some of the best doctors. There’s also personal insight that I have shared at support group meetings throughout 2015. At its core, Beauty With Paralysis explores the best of beauty when it comes to living with facial paralysis, focusing on how to achieve a healthy balance between feeling beautiful in your skin and not piling on too much makeup in the process.

Arriving at this guiding purpose took some time. In 2013, while attending a party at USC, I was intentionally pushed off a platform by another female which completely caught me off guard. After that one moment, my whole life changed and at that time I felt like the whole world was caving in on me. I was so ashamed of the way I looked and tried to avoid the public at all costs. I spent a year recovering in a rehabilitation clinic, with a severe traumatic brain injury, complete hearing loss on my left side, and permanent facial paralysis. Now three years later, I have created an Instagram blog for women, spoke at two support group meetings for women, and was interviewed by the show, Doctors. I wanted to share my story briefly with you because it is important to know that things DO get better. BUT things will only get better if you want them to. I’m not God, a doctor, therapist or a magician. I can’t make you suddenly feel better about your facial paralysis or make it go away, trust me …. if I could, I would. But what I can do is remind you that you are not alone, provide you with the best advice possible along with the knowledge that you can always come to this safe, authentic destination to voice any concerns, and learn a thing or two about makeup.

While I am a full believer in natural beauty and feeling comfortable in your own skin, sometimes that is much harder to achieve when you have facial paralysis. I did NOT make this blog because I think you NEED to wear makeup. That is not the message that I am trying to achieve here. Sometimes, however, just a little bit of makeup and learning some tricks can make you feel more comfortable about your own appearance.

Essentially, living with facial paralysis shouldn’t make you feel ashamed and putting on makeup shouldn’t become a chore. Not only is B.W.P focused on beauty with paralysis, but it is an encouraging place that rallies together a community of beautiful, supportive women.