If lash extensions aren’t a solution for you because of the glue, there is a new futuristic, effortless creation for you! Thankfully, technology has finally caught up with our cosmetic needs, especially for those of us who suffer from facial paralysis. How? By inventing this beauty breakthrough of lash extensions that you apply without using any form of glue. AMEN.

A Breakthrough Invention

A company called One Two Cosmetics, LLC has invented false lashes that use two magnetic strips to clamp on your existing fringe. That’s right, no glue! After doing some research, I came across the company’s website and immediately purchased my first set. Once I received and tested this new set out, I felt that I had to share this with you ladies! If you struggle with eye closure or synkinesis, please check out this option.

On the company’s site, you can purchase kits for around $59. Although this isn’t the typical price of drugstore faux lashes, it’s so worth it. Keep in mind, these magnetic lashes last much longer than the standard falsies. This is not only a beauty breakthrough for every woman but most definitely for those with facial paralysis.

Because the site demonstrates detailed how-to videos and images, I didn’t include instructions for you. While these magnetic lashes may require a practice, it was much easier without the glue.

I was so relieved to discover a new, simplified process of faking a fuller flutter that is lightweight and time-saving. I will definitely be sharing this eyelash invention at my next presentation for women!

***Please speak with your doctor about whether or not this is an option for you, especially if you have gold eyelid weights.

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Curious if the magnetic lashes might make it easier to close my eye ? I’m unable to fully blink due to synkinesis. Has anyone noticed if it helps ? Thx!


That’s a great question Deanne! It’s been a few months since I’ve used my magnetic lashes as my go-to lashes are typically the strip on lashes that I purchase from the drugstore but from what I remember this could definitely help with eye closure somewhat. I don’t think It would make a tremendous difference in the closure especially if you lack a significant amount of eye closure but wearing fake lashes whether they are strip on or magnetic, is additional weight you are placing on top of your eyelids so I’m sure it could help somewhat 🙂


Hi! Thank you for the response! I ended up purchasing them through one two lash and they didn’t help with the eye closure. Maybe if I could find a heavier pair it might help. I think it has potential. They were good about taking the item back. I’m glad I tried it.


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